Monday, April 29, 2013

Some New Adventures

It seems like for a long time we were having new adventures all the time, but that was a while ago. Lately things have been pretty routine. I decided today that this must be because we're going to need all the adventurousness we've stockpiled over the last several months to get us through the new adventures we're facing in the next few months. And I can now hear your thoughts running through your head as you read this, they go something like this:

"Wait a minute, "new adventures", coming sometime in a few months. *mentally calculates how old Erik is* They're having a baby! Wait, she said adventures, plural. They're having twins!!! YAY!!!"

And just so you know, we are NOT having a baby. Or multiple babies. Or puppies. Or anything cute and cuddly and adorable. You can just wipe that thought right out of your brain before you get any more excited. (Don't worry, I'm not saying no babies EVER, just not right now.)

So if our new adventures aren't going to look like this...
photo taken by Kate Mower
...then what are they going to look like? Well, it's going to be something more like this...

...and this:
That's right! You got it right this time! We're headed back home. Ethan took his last final exam this morning (SO proud of him, by the way!) and he will get his thesis submitted today or tomorrow if all goes as planned which means that he will have his Masters in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and is done with school forever (did I mention how amazing he is?).
Ethan has been applying for jobs all over the country and has even had several interviews over the phone for some of them. So far nothing has been working out though and I think he might have been getting a little nervous. Then, several jobs opened up in his field (and in NEW MEXICO) that he is very qualified for and that he feels he is sure to have a great chance at getting. We've decided that we are going to go ahead and take a leap of faith and head for home, even though it's too soon to know anything about these jobs yet. Sometime in the next few weeks when all the stars have aligned perfectly  and the sun as at the most promising position in its orbit (or when we finally get everything packed, get all the little loose ends wrapped up, and get my mom and dad home from their road trip to let us in their house) we will be riding off into the sunset.
We'll stay with family for a while until we have a job and then we'll quit mooching off of them and make a new home somewhere. Maybe we'll get a job in New Mexico and be around for a while, maybe we'll be moving on somewhere new and unexpected. Either way it's going to be one grand adventure!

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  1. Yay! By the way--I'm home and I'll let you into my house...