Friday, September 16, 2011

Erik Scott Mower

So far I have only met one of the two goals of my blog; I have yet to post baby pictues for the grandmas. So any of you that are sick of baby pictures can skip this post, otherwise, here you go. Many of these have already been posted on facebook at one point or another, but I tried to put in a few new ones.

Erik was born at 7:29 pm on Thursday, July 21st. He weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. I was blessed with a pretty short labor and delivery and things went very smoothly.
The next morning Aunt Kate showed up with her camera and spent the day hangin out and taking pictures of Erik. She got some really fun stuff!

After enjoying letting someone else worry about cooking and laundry and the crying baby in the middle of the night for as long as they'd let me, Erik and I finally went honme Saturday afternoon and the real adventure began.
Despite the loss of sleep, the extra laundry, the poopy diapers, and all the other worry and work involved, we sure love this whole parenting thing.

Here's a sampling of our life with Erik.

This was one of my favorite baby shower presents. Jodi Flukinger gave me this adorable crochet owl hat that was just way too much fun!

The first comment we hear when someone sees Erik for the first time is, "That's a lot of hair!" In the hospital, whenever I'd send him to the nursery, he'd come back with a different hair style. I can just picture the nurses in there at three in the morning with nothing to do for a few minutes, playing with his hair. What makes it extra fun is that when it's dry it's completely straight, but when you wet it down it becomes super curly.

Erik's favorite activity since the day he was born is sleeping, although lately falling asleep is something he fights pretty hard. Whether it's snuggling with Daddy...

... trying to burp after eating...

...or just hanging out on the floor...

...sleeping is definitely the way her prefers to spend his time.

I've really loved watching Ethan become a daddy. He gets home from school every day and can hardly wait to see Erik. They are so cute together!

Most of the time people say Erik looks just like his dad and the Mower side of the family, but once in a while I think he looks completely Richins.

Erik had a really hard time with the whole nursing thing for the first few weeks of life so he was pretty tiny. Once he got it figures out though, he's done everything in his power to make up for lost time. Here are a few pictures to compare the chunk he is now with the tiny little thing he used to be.

We sure are enjoying this little guy!


  1. I'm so excited you posted all these pictures! I can't get enough of Erik pictures and I just want to see him again! (this is Kate, not Nate)

  2. Hah, this grandma is so glad to see more pictures. I love pictures! I miss all of you lots and lots.