Monday, July 28, 2014

On the Move

As I mentioned in my last post, we are now living in Glenwood, NM where Ethan is very happily working for the NM Game and Fish Hatchery.
Getting ourselves ready to move in less than three weeks was a lot of work, but we did it just in time. The hatchery has a house for us to live in, so all we had to do was load our stuff up and head down to Glenwood. 
We rented a U-Haul truck and did almost all the loading on our own, although we did call the missionaries to help up move a few of the heavier items that we couldn’t get alone. 
Erik thought he’d died and gone to heaven. He helped carry some of the smaller/lighter boxes and supervised the loading of the truck (along with his two newest buddies, Mike and Sully).

At one point, Erik and I were taking a break in the back of the moving van when Erik held up his toys and said, “Mom, Mite and Suyee SO etided!” I thought I knew what he meant so I asked “Why are Mike and Sully so excited?” His response? “Mite and Suyee so etided TRUCK!”  After that bit of cuteness, it was decided that Erik, “Mite”, and “Suyee” would all ride in the big truck with Daddy for the drive, while Sharli and I followed in our car. And that’s exactly what we did. The drive was through some really beautiful country, and the weather was mostly great. We did hit one pretty big cloud burst, but it only lasted a few minutes and we were a few minutes too late to get hit by the worst of it. We do know it was worse though, because at one point we had to drive through more than an inch of hail on the road.
We pulled in to the Hatchery in the early afternoon to be greeted by my Aunt, her family, and several members of our new ward. They had the truck unloaded and our bellies stuffed with yummy burritos before we knew what hit us. They left us to get settled, and a few hours later the Relief Society president showed up with an amazing dinner, prepared for us by several of the ladies in our new ward. Talk about yummy!!!

We love our new home, Ethan loves his new job, and we are very happy with our new life!!! 
A glimpse of our front yard...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Quick Update...

Life is such a grand adventure! Almost 2 months ago now Ethan got a phone call that has changed our lives. He was offered a new job that is more in line with his dream career path and we couldn't say no. They wanted him to start at the beginning of the upcoming pay period which meant we only had about 2 weeks to pack up and move to our new home. We worked hard and were ready to go just in time. May 24th we moved in to our new home in the Gila mountains of southern New Mexico, where Ethan is working for the NM Game and Fish Glenwood Fish Hatchery.
We love our new home! There are birds singing in the trees all around our house (which has a HUGE fenced yard for Erik to run and play in; a first for our family) and deer grazing on our front lawn almost every morning when we wake up. A pretty mountain stream runs by just a short stroll from our front gate, and down the road a little ways is a pond filled with fish and frogs and surrounded by fruit trees and berry bushes. It's more than an hour's drive from the nearest town of any size (Silver City), so it's fairly remote, but we love it.
We have been slow getting our internet set up, so I haven't been able to blog (I'm actually staying the night at Marquette's house tonight and using her computer, thus you get to hear from me) or facebook or anything or that sort. I can't wait to get things up and running at my new home so I can share pictures with you of all the great things we've been getting to enjoy and the beautiful places we get to see. For now I'll just have to leave you waiting while we go back to our mountain paradise where Erik will be rolling in the dirt and splashing in the creek and living life as every little boy should, while I sit in the hammock in the front yard and watch him frolic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sharli Olive

And now for the long over-due post about the latest update to our family:
Sharli Olive Mower 
I was due on Feb. 7th, but when baby hadn't made her appearance by the 13th, we took matters into our own hands. Grandma Paralee came to stay with Erik, and Ethan and I headed to Albuquerque to kick this baby out of there. 
First though, we took advantage of the free babysitting and headed to Olive Garden for a nice date night. 
 We got to the hospital around 8:30 pm (on the 13th). By about 10:30 the nurses had started my pitocin and things slowly got started. We whiled away the time trying to sleep, watching the Olympics, and playing cards. Around 3:30 am we called Grandma Kathleen (as per her request) and let her know that if she wanted to be there when the baby came she'd better hit the road. She made it there with an hour to spare, and it was neat to get to have her there with us.
Sharli Olive was born at 5:41 am on February 14, 2014. She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 21.5 inches long. She came out thinking she was starving and tried to eat anything she could get her hands on, including IV tubing and my hospital gown.
 Sharli's name is an variation on the Norwegian word kjaerlighet (pronounced shar-lee-het), which means pure Christ-like love. We took pity on her and shortened it a bit and Americanized the spelling. Her middle name Olive comes from several of my ancestors who all had the name Olive for about four generations in a row.
 Because it's flu season Erik wasn't able to come visit Sharli in the hospital, but he was waiting outside when we walked out Saturday afternoon to come home. He never even looked at me, he only had eyes for Sharli. And the helicopter.
 Erik holding Sharli for the first time:
 Our first family picture with all four of us:
 Erik loves to help me with Sharli. He's pretty sure there's no job involving her that he's not equipped to handle.
 Grandma eventually had to go home, but I'm not sure she really wanted to. She sure had a hard time saying good-bye.
 Just a few shots of Sharli for your enjoyment:

Her hair gets SO curly when it's wet, just like Erik's did.

Sharli was having some tummy time and Erik decided she needed some company. He stayed right by her the whole time she was down there. 
 Aunt Kett was sweet enough to take some gorgeous shots of Sharli for us. She got some great ones, don't you think?

 We sure love our girl and we're so grateful to have her! What a blessing she is in our lives already!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We've discovered  a new favorite place to go in Albuquerque. I'd been there as a kid and remembered it as being really fun, but I didn't think that Erik was old enough to appreciate it so we hadn't really planned on going any time soon. Then, one day we were going to be in ABQ for the afternoon and called Mom Mower and Aunt Abby to see if they wanted to meet up with us somewhere in town. They chose Explora, and we decided to give it a try.
To my surprise, Erik loved Explora more than he's loved any other place in his life. I've never seen him so engaged in anything for such a long time. He was fascinated by all the interesting things around him and actually played and explored clear through his whole nap time without every acting tired in the slightest. We've been back several times now, with Nate and Kate and with my family and it has yet to fail to hold the same fascination for all of us. I won't even try to show you all the neat exhibits and activities, here's just a few shots to give you an idea of what this place is like.
Exploring the effect of slope on the trajectory of a moving object.
Animating a movie with Aunt Abby.
One of the most beloved areas, TRAINS!
Drawing circles with Daddy.
Another favorite; giant bubbles!
Exploring electricity.
With even more exhibits on light, sound, water, music, air flow, color, etc we've killed many hours here already and plan to do so again soon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Well, I guess now that all the major winter holidays are passed, it's about time to tell you what we did with them. 
We had a really nice Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday in Stanley with Ethan's family, and had a really great time. Kett and Cam were there with their new little guy and we all ate like crazy and just enjoyed one another's company. I neglected to take any pictures though, sorry about that!
Christmas was wonderful. The weekend before, my cousin Ed was getting married in Albuquerque so I had nearly all of my family staying at our house for a few days, so it was almost like Christmas. Ethan only got one day off for Christmas which meant we didn't have time to travel anywhere, but luckily for us Mom and Dad Mower live an easy drive away and we got to go back out there and share Christmas with them. It was really nice and relaxed. Mom had made mountains of Christmas goodies and for Christmas dinner she made tamales and posole so I think we all gained about a million pounds while we were there; everything was SO yummy! Erik loved the tree and the lights and everything! He was careful never to show it to the camera, but he really had a good time. 
The afternoon/evening of Christmas Eve, Ethan Abby, and Dad went up to Santa Fe to see the lights and luminarias in the plaza and to do the "canyon walk". The canyon walk takes you up one of the older streets in town where everyone has tons of luminarias lit and there are lots of neat art galleries and other fun things to see. The whole town walks up the street and enjoys the sense of Christmas and community. We did this our first Christmas after we got married, but hadn't been back since, so we really wanted to go back. At the last minute I decided that I just wasn't feeling up to walking up the hill in the cold so I didn't end up going, but judging by Ethan's pictures it was sure beautiful. 

 Christmas morning we explored the contents of our stockings, opened presents, and had cinnamon rolls and other yummy things for breakfast. I think Erik really liked the presents, but he was careful not to give away his feelings by smiling or doing anything as obvious as that. Oh well...

Best smile we got all morning.

Abby bought Dad a can of whipped cream for Christmas, and Erik was just as thrilled as Dad was. He immediately ran to Grandpa and held out a finger to be filled with the good stuff. Now I know what to get him next year!
We had to go back home that night, but we had so much fun with our Mower family!
New Year's Eve was pretty quiet around here. We made some munchies and watched a movie. We hadn't really planned to, but we ended up being awake at midnight and learned that all the engines down in the rail year blow their whistles for the whole first minute of the New Year. It was kinda fun to hear!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lions, and Tigers, and Trains, OH MY!

About the first week of November we decided to have some fun with one of our Saturday mornings. We climbed on the train and headed up to Albuquerque to spend the morning at the zoo. Erik was so excited to get to ride a city bus from the train station to the zoo, in fact that may have been his favorite part of the entire day. 
It was really fun to take Erik to the zoo. This is the zoo that I grew up going to, and I have to say I've never been to another zoo that I like quite as much as this one (not that I've been to a ton, but still...). We had to start by dropping a few pennies down the wishing well. It's still just as cool to watch the coins rolling round and round on their way down as it was when I was a kid. 
 Erik was most excited to see the elephants and the lions, so we headed for the "Africa" side of the park. Turns out that actually the elephants are on the very far edge of the Africa area, and the lions aren't even there at all. Erik was mildly interested in the monkeys and tigers and zebras and things of that nature that we were walking past, but he was mostly just a man on a mission. He wanted those elephants!
Leaving the monkey house, Erik realized that Dad had fallen behind a bit and ran back to get him. 
Watching some really pretty parrots and other exotic birds.
 If you've been reading our blog for a while, you may know that we can't pass a statue without having a bit of fun with it. Like this time, and this time, and this time (this last one is the best).
Finally, we got to the elephants. Erik was SO excited! The zoo had a brand new baby elephant (she turned one month old the day we were there), who was on display for the first time the weekend we were there. We were at the zoo early enough in the day that the place was pretty empty, but I think just about everyone who was there were all gathered around the female elephant enclosure. We got a glimpse of the baby, but it wasn't worth fighting the crowds, so we decided to go give the other elephants some attention since I'm sure they were feeling left out.
This guy was putting on a great show playing in the water. Erik was fascinated!
We did eventually make our way around to the big cat area, and saw the lions, but the darn things were just laying around sleeping and Erik was incredibly UNimpressed by them. I'm not even sure he believed us when we told him that what he was looking at was a lion.
We ended the trip by feeding the ducks and the koi in the pond for a while, and then headed back to the bus stop so we could catch our train home. 

This was such a fun trip. It all worked out perfectly, with the train getting us there right as the zoo opened, and giving us just enough time to have some fun before eating a picnic lunch on the train and getting home just in time for Erik's nap. It was fun to go back to a place with so many fun memories. Ethan and I were both surprised at how much smaller it all seemed to us now that we're "grown up". It's still the best zoo I've been to, and we're excited to take Erik back to see the rest of the animals that we missed this time around. We'll probably have to wait until Spring though, since so many of the animals hide away inside during the winter.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tomé Hill

It's been really fun to get more familiar with the Belen area now that we're here. Neither Ethan or I had ever spent any time here, despite having lived in NM most of our lives. Belen is right off the freeway, and I've driven past it more times than I could even try to count, but I'd actually never driven through the town until we moved here.
A few weeks ago we decided to take a Saturday morning and go see a local landmark, Tomé Hill. It's a volcanic hill that rises up from the valley floor, and is visible for quite a ways in all directions. It is right along the old Spanish El Camino Real (King's Highway) and would've been a good landmark for travelers going back and forth between Mexico and Santa Fe. There's a neat little park at the bottom of the hill with statues and signs telling the history of the area, and from there it is a 1/4 mile hike to the top of the hill. 1/4 mile doesn't sound too bad, but the hill is pretty steep and rocky, so it's harder than you might think, although still very doable.
Looking through La Puerta Del Sol towards the trail head. 
 Erik tripped and fell into a huge patch of goat heads while we were reading the signs and looking at the statues. His poor little legs were pretty torn up and one of the thorns stabbed through the bottom of his shoe and broke off in there, so he got to ride most of the way up the hill. He probably would've ended up riding anyways, the trail was pretty darn steep with lots of loose rock.

Took a break half way up for mom to rest and pick the thorn out of Erik's shoe. And for him to throw rocks. 
 Erik's a pretty tough little kid, he did end up walking some of the way, and when we got to the top he climbed all over the rocks up there.

 This is the only petroglyph we saw on our hike, but there are supposedly 1800 of them cataloged on the hill. It would've been really fun to see some more of them, but oh well.
 We finally made it to the top. The view out over the river valley was gorgeous, especially with the vibrant blue sky and puffy white clouds. You don't get to see sights like this in Mississippi!
 Tomé Hill is actually the site of an annual pilgrimage for local Catholics. Every year on Good Friday hundreds of people come from all over to make the climb to the shrine at the top of the hill. Supposedly the climb is a great way to make penance for your sins.
Two of the three crosses at the summit, there's an altar (I guess that's what you'd call it?) under the central cross. 
 After spending quite a while wandering around the top of the hill looking for more petroglyphs and just enjoying the gorgeous day, we headed back down the hill. This was a fun way to get outside and get to know the area around us.
I love this view of the valley. It's so typical of NM. Once you get too far away from the river, life seems to just dry up and the desert takes over.