Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Blog?

So it has been suggested by an incredible brilliant and adorable person that maybe I should start a separate blog for our learning activities so that people interested in more personal stuff don't have to wade through the kid stuff and vice versa. I think this is an awesome idea and was totally going to do that today, but then I discovered that all the cute names I could come up with for my blog were already taken, which makes me more than a little grumpy! I would feel less grumpy if they were taken by people who have used them well and made great blogs, but they are all either in Polish, Russian, or have one post to introduce their blog (that was posted 6-10 years ago) and nothing new since then. Seriously. I just spent something like 5 whole minutes typing in every cute blog name I could think of and they were all taken by crappy nothing blogs.
Why am I whining to you all about this (all being the 3 people who will actually read this)? Well, I would love to hear any ideas for blog names that you can suggest. Leave a comment if you think of something awesome, or okay, or even lame. You don't have to go check and make sure it's not taken, I can do that part. Just shoot some ideas my way please!


  1. Well...I thought of Playducation, but it's already taken I found.

  2. The Time to Play (if you include "the" in the blog address, it's still available).

    Block Taught (got this idea from the poem Block City-tried Block City...already taken--

    I'm looking at other poems and quotes ( trying to get ideas.

  3. I know it sounds dorky but what popped into my mind is Mommy Madness

  4. Never mind. Mommy Madness is taken.