Sunday, August 12, 2012

Erik's 1st Birthday!

July 21st was Erik's first birthday. I just can't believe that my little guy is already that old! He is getting so darn big! Erik is walking now (about 65% of the time at least), has said a few words, and knows a little bit of sign language. He can make a block tower three blocks tall (I know it probably doesn't sound impressive, but he sure is proud of himself), and loves to make car noises for any wheeled toy he plays with. He's got a mouth full of teeth, and loves to show them off in a big toothy grin. In case you couldn't tell, we sure love him lots!
 We made chocolate cake with chocolate and peanut butter frosting. YUMMY! I baked the little cake for Erik in a tin can, so that he could have his own little tiny cake. It worked great and was so cute!

 Erik can't stand to be the only one eating. He loves trying to convince us to eat what's on his high chair tray.

 We have a tradition in our little family that everyone gets a book for their birthday and for Christmas. Erik helped us choose this particular book, he loves the big googly eyes on it!
 I know he didn't understand that there was stuff inside those packages, but he was still so excited to see them.

 This car is by far the biggest favorite of the birthday presents. He plays with it constantly! Thanks Blaine (aka Nate and Kate)!!

 His other favorite thing was the balloons that we had laying around He played with those for days afterwords.

 He loves to give hugs. Even the balloon got one!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Erik!! I can't believe he's one already, too. Time flies way too quickly when you're a Momma. I guess I also didn't make note that he was born on Sarah's birthday!! In my opinion, he picked a good day to make an appearance!! Normally, I would comment and say something trite like "enjoy them while you can", but I love reading your blog posts and FB posts because I KNOW you ARE enjoying every minute. Hugs to all three of you!!