Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Independence Day in Animas, New Mexico!

Wow, this had taken me forever to get around to, sorry it's almost August 4th, but you get to listen to me jabber about July 4th. We spent two weeks visiting family in New Mexico and had a marvelous time. We drove all through the night so that Erik would sleep through the bulk of the drive. It worked fairly well...

It got dark as we were in Louisiana, and the sun came up as we were in Western Texas. Funny how as we were headed to Mississippi the first time I thought this was the worst part of the drive, but when the sun came up and I looked around at the scenery, I was so excited! It looked like home! We still had several more hours of driving to do, but I knew we were getting close. I guess it's just in my blood, I can't help loving this place!
Once we got to Animas to visit my family, it was so much fun. Erik was not always sure that he liked being surrounded by new people, but he sure enjoyed all the spoiling and extra attention he got. We were all so glad to be out of the car and surrounded by everyone we love. 24 hours of driving is just no fun.
One of the first things I noticed about NM was the difference in the humidity. It was still hot, but to me it didn't even feel like it because it was so dry. It was so nice to not feel constantly sticky and gross. Erik loved playing outside. Dirt is not something you see much of here in Mississippi, so he was VERY interested in it. At one point he got his hands on a dirt clod and popped it in his mouth to see what it tasted like. Apparently he liked it, because when he saw me coming to take it away he swallowed it. Little stinker.
After he'd drooled mud all down the front of him, we decided to let him play with the garden hose to clean himself off. He loved it! This kid loves water and would've spent all day playing in it if we'd have let him.

After playing outside, Erik was totally worn out, so he snuggled up with Grammy and they napped together for the rest of the afternoon. Doesn't this look so cozy!
Erik isn't the only one who likes to take naps.
We had a really fun 4th of July. We kicked off the morning with a pancake breakfast at the church (yummy!), then enjoyed a day of hanging out playing games and stuff like that. In the evening we went over to Rodeo, NM for their awesome parade (ok, maybe not the most awesome parade ever, but it beat the socks off the Elvis parade we went to). Marquette and Cameron were down for the day and we all had a really fun time.

Dad got to drive the firetruck to represent the Cotton City Fire Department. Kett and Heber went along for the ride, and some how managed to avoid the water balloons we had prepared for them.
As we all know, the only reason people come to things like this is for the candy that's thrown off the floats, right? Erik got to eat his first sucker, and boy oh boy, he thought it was pretty cool stuff!

Another thing we did during the week in Animas, was hit the Lordsburg swimming pool. Erik's been swimming once before this, and he loved it, so we were excited to give it another try. It was actually a fairly cool day, so he didn't get to stay in the water for very long, but he loved every minute of it. 

We made sure Erik (and I) got to spend as much time as possible with his Great Grandpa Darrow and Great  Grandma Sharon. We made several visits over to their house to see them. It was so much fun. 

 Our last day in Animas was especially fun. My cousin Hyrum recently returned from his mission to Dallas Texas, and so we had a big Payne family lunch to celebrate. We all got to hear him speak in church, and then the partying started! It was wild and crazy, with people every where, but it's so so so much fun.

I sure love Southern New Mexico, it was so hard to leave and come back to Mississippi.

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