Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daily Life In New Mexico

We are loving our new life here in Glenwood. We love to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the cute little community we're now blessed to call home. I just thought I'd share a peek into our daily life here with a selection of pictures we've taken since we've moved here.
We received over 7 inches of rain in the month of September, so the creek near out house has been running pretty high for weeks now. It's been really interesting to watch the water rise and fall. 
Cameron and Ethan took Erik down to the pond near our house and caught some bullfrog tadpoles. These things are HUGE and Erik loved them. He particularly loved shoving them in my face to see if I'd scream. Too bad I'm not quite that squeamish and girly. 

We are loving finally living somewhere with a yard of our very own. Erik spends lots of time out there playing, and we try to get the whole family outside together pretty often. 

Sharli loves being outside, but she'd love it even more if I would let her eat everything in sight. 

Erik turned 3 in July, so we had a bunch of family and a few friends over for dinner and cake. It was a ton of fun and it's wonderful to live close enough to everyone that we are able to do things like this!

Erik and Ethan "working" on the yard together. 

Sharli now has two sharp little chompers, but getting them through her gums was NOT fun. She has spent a lot of time in the past few weeks chewing on frozen peaches trying to keep things bearable for everyone.

Erik made himself a fancy home made slide. He was pretty proud of himself. 

I love where we live. You can drive in any direction and you are surrounded by beautiful scenery. I love the wide open blue skies filled with puffy clouds, the layers of mountains in the distance with hills and valleys in the foreground. It's all so beautiful!

She loves her snacks! I love those big brown eyes!

Look who's sitting up all by herself.

Ethan has taken on the job of removing the pests that are upsetting and killing the fish at the hatchery. Mostly he has been catching skunks, but this morning he caught something a bit more exciting. Before taking it away to a new home a few canyons over, he brought it by the house for us to see. Poor little guy was NOT happy with us. 

Maybe not as exciting to see as a raccoon, we still enjoy watching the squirrels and the deer that come in our yard on a regular basis. We also see lots of different kinds of birds, some javelina, a good number of skunks, and dozens of buzzards. I don't know if we'll ever get tired of watching the wildlife.