Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our New Apartment

When we were looking for apartments here in MS, we had to do it all over the internet and phone, instead of coming here in advance to look in person. It was really hard to make a decision and sign a contract on something we'd never seen. After comparing locations and prices we finally decided to go with the cheapest thing we found. It's a little ways out of the main part of town and about two miles from the University, but we couldn't find anything ele that could beat the price. Natrually we were more than a little nervous about choosing the cheapest thing we could find, but decided that we'd just make do until our year contract was up and then find something better if we needed to. We've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of these apartments. Everything was clean and in good condition when we got here and the management has been quick to fix the few small problems we've had. For the same price as our little one bedroom basement apartment in Rexburg, we have a great two bedroom ground floor apartment here in Starkville. Our only complaint is the distance Ethan has to bike to school every day.

Here's a virtual tour of our new place.

You walk in the front door and enter the living/dining room. Here's the view from the front door towards the dining area.
From the kitchen towards the living room side of the main room.

This is from the couch looking towards the kitchen and the hallway. The front door is on the far right. Continuing on towards the left we have the kitchen doorway, the hall doorway, and a small closet that has become my pantry.

Just off the living room is the kitchen. Not the smallest kitchen I've had since we got married, but pretty darn close. I don't feel like complaining though, because for the first time ever(in our marriage) I have a dishwasher!

Down the hall you come first to the bathroom...

...and then you get to the bedrooms. The master bedroom is great. I absoloutly love the huge closet!Here's the view from the door...

...from the widow...

...and into the closet.

At the end of the hall is Erik's room, although he's still sleeping in our room until he starts sleeping through the night regularly(which won't be too much longer, YAY!). Here's the view looking into his room from the hallway.

This is standing in the doorway looking in. I love the little decorations Kett gave me to go along with her blanket!

Erik even has a good sized closet that has become my place to stash all my stuff that I want out of sight but easily accesible.

So that's our apartment. It you want a closer look we'd love to have visitors! :)


  1. It is a lovely apartment. I'm glad it is nicer than you expected - now you can be glad you went with the cheapest. I'm glad that you don't have to be pregnant in that kitchen! Pretty small. BTW, that sure is a nice looking quilt on the bed. ;o)

  2. I'm also impressed with your improvised "dressers." You are so clever, Diedre!

  3. I love it Diedre! Such a nice/cute apartment! (I also love the shirt Erik is wearing... is that a tractor?)

  4. Man that's nice! I can't believe that's the same price as your basement. And you don't even have to run errands and do yard work :)