Friday, December 2, 2011

MSU Adventures

Recently we spent an afternoon wandering around the MSU campus, just enjoying the pretty fall colors and the interesting architecture here. We took tons of fun pictures of all the beautiful buildings and stuff, but I won't subject you to all of them. Here's just a smattering of what we did and saw that day. We forgot to bring a hat for Erik, so we made a bonnet for him out of a burp rag and some bobby pins so his head wouldn't get sunburned. It actually worked pretty well. This is just one of the interesting buildings on the campus. We saw the towers sticking up from a distance and so we wandered over to it to check it out.

Our favorite part of the building was a little detail we noticed as we were walking around the corner of the building to continue on our way. I just had to see what was in there. Lets just say it's not Narnia. What a bummer!

Taking a break for a few minutes. This little guy isn't so little any more and it's pretty exhausting to have him strapped to your front for very long.
Some of our friends in Rexburg told us it was snowing that day, so we took a few pictures of the scenery to show them what our weather was like. The roses blooming everywhere were really pretty.
Ethan has really enjoyed getting to learn about the all the new plants that grow here in Mississippi that we didn't ever see out west. One of these is a pretty common tree around the town here. It's a Ginkgo Bilboa tree. Ginkgo's are one of the oldest plant species on earth, and are present in the fossil record way back into the Early Jurassic period.
We noticed this tree and had never seen or heard of anything like it. I still don't know what the deal is with this one. I think it was a ginkgo, but it had what looked like huge drips running down the branches and trunk of the tree. They were just as hard as the rest of the wood, but looked like they'd once been liquid.

We were walking down the sidewalk outside of the Studen Union building, when we spotted a statue of Bully the Bulldog, the beloved mascot here at MSU. Ethan and I both had the same idea at the same time. People should stop turning us loose with our baby around statues. :)

Now for a taste of Ethan's daily travels around campus. This is Allen Hall, where Ethan has his much dreaded Stats class.
This is the Thompson building where Ethan spends most of his time. The bulk of his classes are located here. This room in the Thompson has something like 20 individual cubicles, each one assigned to a graduate student and is where Ethan spends a good deal of his time.

This little corner is Ethan's home away from home, poor guy.

Well, there's lots more interesting stuff here on the campus, but if you want to see it you'll have to come visit us.

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  1. How fun! The weather looks wonderfully pleasant, especially compared to what we are feeling right now. Erik is so CUTE!