Friday, December 9, 2011

Fall Foliage and Craig Pond

So I'm a little behind with my posts. I took some pictures of the pretty fall colors around here but never got around to posting them. With all the trees here we had high expectations for the fall, and while things weren't quite as colorful as we had hoped for it was really pretty.

Ethan and I decided we wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather, so we went down to Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge (one of our favorite places here if you hadn't figured that out yet) and took the trail through the woods out to Craig Pond. Here's a picture of the trail. This is one of the places where the trail was pretty clearly visible, but sometimes you just picked the biggest gap through the trees and hoped it was the one you were supposed to take.

Erik is just over 17 pounds now, so we have started taking turns carrying him when we go places. It's amazing how tiring it is to have him strapped to you as you're walking.

He was sure fascinated by all the trees and everything we were walking past.

After some wandering around and backtracking and a bit of bush-whacking we finally found the pond. It wasn't very big, but it was kinda pretty and there was a nice little bench where Erik and I hung out while Ethan wandered around and took some pictures.

The trees around the pond were changing color and they were really pretty.

On the way back to the car, Erik had had enough of his pack, so Ethan just carried him. I think Erik was just trying to avoid falling asleep and taking a nap.

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