Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More pictures of everyone's favorite little guy!

It's sure fun to watch Erik grow and change and start to develop his own little personality. He's still enthralled with his hands. He has started to figure out how to grab things and now is working on getting whatever is in his hands into his mouth.

Did you notice his tongue sticking out in that last picture? He definitly inherited the Clements' family tongue thing. His tongue gets a pretty good work out any time he's having to work at something, and when you're four months old everything takes a lot of work.
Along with getting better control of his hands, one of Erik's biggest goals is tolearn how to sit up by himself. I'll try to prop him up against the couch or a pillow or something, but it doesn't work to well because he wants to be sitting up straight, not leaning against something. He tries to sit up straight and just ends up falling over on his face. We decided to splurge and get him a bumpo seat so he can sit up when he wants to. It's taking him a little while to get used to it, but he's finally starting to like it.
He especially likes it when I leave him in it and then Dad comes and turns on the TV. He’s fascinated by the TV and though I try to keep him away from it, sometimes he manages to sneak in a few minutes of TV time before one of us realizes what he’s doing. We’ll lay him down on the floor without thinking about which way he’s pointed and he’s hooked. This time I left him there long enough to get a few pictures, and then I turned his little seat around, which really made him mad!
At this point you can see that the football game was getting pretty good, just look at Ethan's face. :) Recently, Erik wrote his first letter to his grandparents. We made an extra copy for us to keep because it was so cute!

I'm not sure how much fun Erik had making these, but we sure enjoyed it!

Here's a few random pics for you.


  1. Ahhh, you guys have such a cutie! The cards were really cute. whose idea where they?

  2. That was my (Diedre's) idea. I'm not sure what made me think of it, but it was really fun and turned out cute.