Tuesday, March 14, 2017

September 2016

 September was a fun month at our house. Maren was really starting to get around well and was working hard to be part of everything that was going on. She was becoming an expert at crawling and sitting, and was SO much happier with life because of it. She started heading to the playroom to hang out with the big kids. Not sure that they loved it, but I loved watching them together.
 Being able to sit well on her own also made grocery trips SO much easier. No more lugging a big car seat into the store for us!
 September is also county fair time. We went to both the Grant and Catron county fairs, and the kids had a blast!
 This time of year is gorgeous in Glenwood, and we tried to squeeze every last drop of fun out of it we could.

 We also went for a drive up the mountain to Mogollon, but since I already told you about all that I won't bore you with the details here.

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