Tuesday, March 14, 2017

November 2016

November is always fun. It's Thanksgiving time, what could be better than that?
Erik's school participated in a Veteran's Day program at the local Senior Center. The kids were really cute and had a fun time. Mrs. Nelson always does such a good job managing such a wide range of ages and abilities.
Maren keeps getting more and more involved in the daily happenings around here. She is less and less interested in being snuggled by enthusiastic older siblings.
She also decided to adopt a favorite blanket, which she tries to take with her everywhere she goes. She's still not real steady on her feet when it comes to walking, but she still tries her hardest to bring her blankie with her.
The Senior Center hosts a Christmas Bazaar every November, and while there are lots of fun vendors (including Ethan with his hand-forged ironwork), the highlight for our kids is SANTA! He arrives on the firetruck and comes rolling in with lights and sirens going. I'm not sure if Erik was more excited about the truck or Santa.
There is a photographer there to take pictures of the kids with Santa. Of course, you have to get the kids to cooperate, which can be a bit tricky.

As part of a school project Erik and his classmates made pumpkin pie. And I don't mean just one pie. Each kid got to bring home a whole pie to share with their family. YUM!
We spent Thanksgiving with the Richins family in the Chiricahua mountains. We ate tons of food, played board/card games, and had lots of fun. I love that my kids get to create these memories with their cousins!

Maren was determined to show off her newly gained walking skills, and she had plenty of adoring admirers to cheer her on.

The day after Thanksgiving we headed over to Gilbert, AZ to go spend a few days with Nate and Kate. We had more great fun, more great food, and more time with more of our favorite people. They took us to visit the Phoenix Children's Museum, which was AMAZING! I'll share pictures over on the Playing to Learn blog in the next few days and I'll add a link here.

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