Thursday, June 16, 2016


 March was a busy month, but not in a real exciting way. Life just kept on moving and we did our best to keep up with it. Some days we were more on top of things than others...
 Maren continued to grow at an amazing rate. She started smiling more, though it was nearly impossible to catch it on camera.

 The weather continued to be beautiful, so Erik and Sharli spent lots of time outside. It was warm enough out there that the kids decided that clothing was optional. One of their favorite games is to make dust angels, and how I wish these pictures did just to the filth that came as a result.

With the grass greening up and the trees starting to leaf out our front yard is getting to be a really nice place to play. 
 Spring was really starting to get going, and I love all the flowers everywhere, even between your toes!

 Jumping jacks! Well, sorta...

 We kept Easter pretty low-key this month. Between the tummy bug that hit our house at the beginning of the month and the seemingly endless rounds of colds that just wouldn't leave us alone we actually kinda forgot Easter was coming up until it was almost there. Luckily for us Grandma Kathleen sent us a box full of all sorts of fun Easter stuff to make it a special time for the kids. First was the egg hunt/scripture chaser that we did for Family Home Evening. The kids loved it!

 The crayon prize at the end of the chaser was great. Our crayon collection was getting pretty sad, so it was pretty exciting to the kids to get some new ones. As Erik put it, "Look Mom, POINTS!"
 Easter morning the kids woke up to Easter baskets full of candy and surprises, again courtesy of Grandma Kathleen.
 After church on Easter Sunday. Too bad I didn't take the pictures before they spilled their lunches on their clothes. Oh well.
 To end the post for the month, here's a shot of Sharli's current obsession. Grandma Paralee made the dress for her for her birthday, and she still loves it!

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  1. Sharli's hair in that first picture is amazing! :D