Saturday, June 11, 2016


Life this month was pretty quiet for us. We spent most of it at home getting used to being a family of 5. It's so strange to me still to think that there are 5 of us!
 Maren's hair is so curly when it's wet. We're just waiting to see if it straightens out like Erik's did or stays curly like Sharli's.
 I had been worried about the older two adjusting to having a baby around, but they've done shockingly well. They love to hold her and help out with her.

 We did get a short visit from Kett and Darrow. It's always fun to have family drop in!

Maren just kept growing like a weed. She started putting on some weight and showing some interest in the world around her. 
 Erik and Sharli love having a baby in the house, but not just for the baby. They've been pretty excited about all the "new" toys and other stuff that have come out of storage for Maren.

 We spent a lot of time just enjoying life in Glenwood. Between baby snuggles...
 ...playing outside on the tire swing that Ethan made for the kids...

 ...splashing around in the creek by the house...

 ...and just enjoying the gorgeous weather we kept the kids pretty busy.
I feel like these cute little foot prints in the dirt just sum up how awesome it is for the kids to get to grow up here. 
 When they're not playing outside, the kids are doing cute things like this:
Notice the baby dolls all tucked in on her pillow.
 The big event of the month was Valentine's Day. It was Sharli's 2nd birthday, and since it fell on a Sunday it also got to be Maren's blessing day. We had lots of family and friends over for a party after church and had a great time. All the kids got spoiled rotten.

 Our neighbors even got in on the birthday spoiling action and gave Sharli a book (and a popsicle, though I bet you can't guess what color).
 My aunt Jossie spoils our kids rotten as well. She saves these great magazines from work for Erik, and made this adorable hat for Sharli...
 ...although Maren isn't much of a fan of the hat.
 After the big party life went back to normal. Or, as normal as we get anyways. ;)

 Can't beat February in Glenwood!

 Only two months in and this little cutie is firmly rooted in our family tree. All three of our kiddos have pretty much stolen our hearts.

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