Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sundial Hot Springs Trail

The only thing worth reporting about for the month of May this year (other than our Pie Day) was our day hike down to the San Francisco Hot Springs. We weren't necessarily interested in the actual hot springs, we just wanted to get down on the river bottom and see what we could see.
 The trail is only about a mile and a half, so we figured we'd let the kids walk as much as the were able and willing, and if we had to carry them some of the way we'd manage. The first mile or so is fairly easy. There's not much shade, but no big inclines to deal with. Erik walked the entire way down the river on his own, but Sharli needed a bit of help.
 Things are starting to warm up around here in May, so we took advantage of the few shady spots we found to cool off and pick wildflowers (the flowers being Sharli's favorite part of the entire day).
 The last part of the trail is pretty steep. I didn't get a picture that really showed the elevation change you're dealing with at that point, but it was a pretty good climb down into the canyon.
 We made it to the river, and no time was lost shedding clothing and jumping in. There was a nice shallow sandy spot right where the trial meets the river, so Erik was able to really have some fun. We had to watch him though, because there was also a deep channel that might have been too much for him. In fact, we didn't even try to cross it to see the hot springs, we'll have to go back another day for that.
 We enjoyed a picnic of PB&J's and played and explored along the river bottom for a while.

 By the time we started hiking out things were getting pretty warm. We took lots of shade breaks and helped the kids out as much as they needed it. Erik ended up walking all the way to the river and half the way back before needing a piggy back ride. I was amazed to see him just about running back up the switch-backs out of the canyon.
 By the time we hit the car at the trail head we were all wiped out. It didn't take too long before the kids were passed out, even though the ride home was only a few minutes.
 Don't worry though, they both bounced right back again as soon as we got home! It's so fun to live in such a beautiful place!

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