Thursday, August 13, 2015


April wasn't spent gallivanting all over the place like we did in March, but we still stayed busy and learned lots. For example, Sharli learned that she loves to eat oranges, and that she doesn't even need a grown-up to peel it for her. All you have to do is eat through the peel and you're good to go. So what if it's a bit messy?!
She also learned that there are loopholes in mom's rules. Things like mom's attempt to keep everyone locked in the house by telling them they have to have shoes to go outside are easily circumvented. Note mom never said who's shoes you had to be wearing!
Erik learned a bit too. He learned that when mom ruins all the fun by telling him not to climb the fence, she may have had a motive other than being mean.
Also, he learned that buckets make better seats when they're up-side-down.
Ethan learned that when mom says things like "parents don't get to sleep in", she wasn't just being pessimistic and cranky. Maybe there is some truth to what she said.
He also learned that Nebraska is a LONG drive from Glenwood. Especially when you're going there and back almost without stopping.
At least his route took him past the biggest rail yard in the country. That was a pretty interesting stop!
Diedre learned that the only way Sharli is willing to get anywhere near a horse is if Mom gets on the thing first.
She also learned that all you need to have a custom tile back-splash in your kitchen is some tape, some paint, and a lot of patience.

Maybe our favorite lesson of the month was that we LOVE the playground at the Glenwood School. It's only available when the kids aren't in school, but it's a ton of fun!

We also learned that when you live somewhere like Glenwood, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to find adventure. We found out what day the Tour of the Gila bike race would be going through town and made an event out of it. With all the bikes and police escorts and sag wagons it was as good as any parade...
...even if the cyclists don't wave back.

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