Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Toy, a New Outfit, and a Day at the Park

 Some of our friends here in our branch invited us over to hang out and play games the other night. They felt bad that their little one was enough older than Erik that they didn't have any baby toys for Erik to play with, so they pulled their son's old jumper out of the closet for us to borrow. Erik fell in love with it immediately. That evening he was pretty worn out, so I think he mostly just played with the toys on the tray and didn't realize the jumping that he could do. The next morning I set him up at our house and it took him just a few seconds to realize what he could do. It was really fun to watch.
Sorry about the blurry pictrues, but he didn't want to hold still for any longer than he had to.
"Mom did you see what this thing can do?"

This is soooo much fun!
Erik is a pretty quiet kid, and it takes a lot to get him excited enough to make any noise. As he was figuring out how to work this he kept laughing and squealing. It was really cute!

Before Erik was born I started hitting all the yardsales in town picking up baby clothes for cheap. This is my all time favorite find ever, and I've been waiting pretty impatiently for him to finally grow into it. I got this entire ensemble for $1.00! Isn't is adorable?! Erik just wants to eat the camera and doesn't care that he looks awesome.

The other day Ethan was going to be home all day and the weather was beautiful, so we decided to go play at the park. We started out by going to the park that's right by our house, but there weren't any baby swings. We tried one a little farther from home, and again we had the same problem. We finally ended up at the park that is farthest from where we live, but atleast it had baby swings! Erik wasn't too sure what he thought about them at first. He looked up at me and started to tear up, and then when he saw my smile he decided to re-evaluate the situation. Luckily, on second thought, Erik decided that this wasn't too bad. In fact it was down right awesome!
Had it been up to him, I think Erik would've stayed in the swing until he puked, but I wasn't a huge fan of that idea. So after a little while we decided it was time to move on. We tried out the slide, which was a complete flop. He was completely uninterested in it. Not scared or excited. I don't think he really even noticed it at all. Next we moved on to the musical toys. Our park has a neat set of toys that are set up so you can actually play music on them.
He had a hard time with this one. The mallet was just a little too big to hold in one hand, and he's not great at using both hands together. He played around with this for a few minutes, and then he saw a toy that looked ten times more fun.
"Is that what I think it is?"
"Please can I eat the camera?"

It was a really fun way to spend an afternoon. I'm looking forward to more days like this one.


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