Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is what happens when I can't find anything better to post...

Well, we have had a hard time coming up with new adventures to go on lately, so I will now subject you all to another round of baby pictures. Thought I'd start with a nice set of before and after shots for you. This is Erik at about two weeks old.
 And this is Erik at almost 6 months old.
There's definitly been a little bit of growth going on here.
Erik is turning into a little acrobat. He's decided that the best thing in the world is hanging upside down. He'll spend as long as we'll let him hanging off of our laps. That is, of course, until his drool starts running up his nose. 
 He will also do anything it takes to watch the TV or the computer. I put him down on the living room floor facing away from the TV, and this is what happens.

 Alright, so this next set of pictures is from a while ago, but I haven't put them on here yet. Back in November Erik got his first haircut. We were tired of it getting in his ears and eyes, and he was tired of trying to figure out how to let go of it. He'd be playing on the floor and all the sudden he'd start shrieking. I'd run in to see what was wrong, and he'd have a hold of his hair and not know how to let go. He'd be pulling and yanking and trying to get his hand away and it just didn't work very well. So here's before...
 ...and here's after the haircut.
Don't you wish you had a physique like this? Minus the drool of course.
  Our new favorite activity is eating. Erik loves to eat anything he can get his hands on. Anything made out of cloth becomes a great toy instantly, a burp rag will entertain him for hours.
 Also on the menu are rice cereal, carrots, and peas. Carrots are definitly the favorite, but he'll eat the peas when there's nothing orange to chew on.  

Don't you just wish you could eat him up!


  1. This cracks me up, I don't know why. But it does. And you look fantastic by the way. I love your hair length in the second picture of you and Erik. It's cute!

  2. Yes, I could eat him up! He is sooooo cute! The second pic from the bottom looks so much like your dad...not that your dad would ever have that many carrots on his face...