Saturday, April 8, 2017

January & February OR Getting Ready To Move

 The first few months of 2017 ended up being something of a busy time for us, but not in a way that lent itself to lots of pictures or interesting blog posts.

We had a fair amount of rain (and even some snow) in late December and Early January. The creek by our house ran really big (probably the biggest we'd seen it in our nearly 3 years living in Glenwood) and washed out a lot of the anti-flood measures that had been put in. Don't worry, we weren't in any danger, but there were lots of repairs to be made to the creek bed itself, as well as to the large banks of dirt along the creek bed to prevent flooding. For several weeks we had 3-4 large bulldozers working near our house and the surrounding town. The highway department parked their machines by our house during nights and weekends so Erik got plenty of chances to watch them at work. I was SO tired of the noise and the house shaking with their movement, but the kids would have loved to have them there always. 
 In many ways January was fairly uneventful for us. We mostly went on with our normal lives, doing things like playing dress-ups... dinner with my little helpers...
 ...and enjoying the great outdoors.
 One BIG thing that happened this month was that Ethan got offered a new job with the AZ Game and Fish. We made a trip over to Phoenix and started the process of finding a house to rent and getting arrangements made to move our family.
With the weather warming up we tried to make sure we squeezed every moment of enjoyment out of our remaining time in Glenwood. We went for walks to some of our favorite places and visited all our favorite people. It was harder than we thought getting all the moving arrangements made, so it was nice to forget that stress and just enjoy time together.

 Our big event for the month of February was Sharli's 3rd birthday. Our friends Sally, Jubilee, and Bianca came, as well as Carolyn and her kids. Sharli told me she wanted her birthday to be PINK!!! So, I made a big batch of pink glittery playdough for the kids to play with as we waited for all our guests to arrive. Some of the boys weren't too sure about all that pink, but most everyone enjoyed it. When the play dough started to lose its magic, I sent the kids outside to play in a swimming pool filled with pink rice and other fun pink things. I had no idea how captivating  40 lbs of rice could be!

 We had a "hundred layer" birthday cake (Sharli wanted a hundred layers, but I only managed 4. She was bitterly dissapointed), berries, Jello, and chips to keep the fun fueled.
 That night Ethan got home from a work trip, bringing with him Sharli's birthday present; a pink unicorn stick horse. It was love at first sight. 
After the birthday party, the packing and cleaning got going full swing. The kids found ways to keep themselves busy, while I got stuff done. Maren mostly just followed me around like a little puppy dog. Good thing she's cute!

Erik built this camera out of Duplos
These first two months this year were busy and stressful, but filled with happy memories as well.

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