Friday, October 28, 2016


 August began with Erik starting a new school year. He was SO excited for his first day of Kindergarten! He was so excited to go back to school that there was no way he was going to stand still for a normal picture.
He did however insist that I get at least one picture with Babs in there too. They sure love this silly little chicken.

 Sharli was pretty sad to be left behind when we took Erik to school, but not so distraught as to miss out on a opportunity to accessorize her outfit for the occasion. There was no way she was going to escort him to school without a backpack of her own.
 His teacher, Mrs. Nelson, was ready and waiting to welcome all her students back. She does such a great job with them and they love her to pieces.
 Erik loves being back in school, though he works and plays so hard he's often completely worn out by the time he gets home. He'll head down the hall intended to have play time like this...
 ...and ends up looking more like this...
 Sharli had a hard time getting used to being with out Erik during the days again. She followed me around like a lost puppy dog for the first few weeks. Slowly though, she started to remember how to keep herself busy. 
She loves to play dress-ups, help me out around the house, and help take care of her sister and her pets.
Ethan purchased her newest pet from the little roadside market held here in Glenwood every summer. His name is Rocky Rocky, and he is well loved!
Maren is spent August busily perfecting her sitting and crawling skills. She loves being able to go anywhere she wants to be!
I got to substitute for our church's Nursery Leader and spent every Sunday this month with Sharli and her friends in the nursery. It's so fun to be with the little kids, and it's nice to be somewhere where Maren can do whatever she wants and make all the noise she wants.
When we're not at school or church, playing outside is one of the kids favorite things to do. Erik won one of the prizes at our library's summer reading program and has had way too much fun catching and learning about all kinds of bugs with his new net.
Another favorite activity is to go to the Catwalk. It's so nice to have somewhere like this just up the road.

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