Monday, April 11, 2016

November 2015

This was a quiet month, we spent most of the time at home just doing our normal thing. We did enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at Carolyn and Zach's home and meeting their brand new baby, as well as going Christmas Tree hunting with my family. Mostly though we were doing stuff like this:
Our neighbors got a new washer/dryer and were kind enough to let us have the box. We got hours and hours and hours of entertainment out of this thing.

 Sharli continues to be quite the fashionista...

 Grandma sent the kids new PJ's which is always exciting!
We kept with the tradition we started last year and made a Gratitude Tree. It's always fun to see what the kids come up with.

 On cold days when the kids don't want to play outside, we pull out some of our old favorite activities. It's always amazing to see how something as simple as oatmeal can keep these two busy for a really long time!
 Erik has mostly outgrown naps, but he still has to have Quiet Time in the playroom each afternoon. He can choose to stay awake and play or there are pillows and cushions he can lay down on to sleep. Apparently this day he didn't make it over to the cushions...

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