Saturday, February 27, 2016

August 2015

The month of August was a fairly uneventful one for our family. We didn't go anywhere special, but we did make some memories together as a family. Sharli got really into creating her own outfits, coming up with some really interesting ones. 
 Not to be outdone by his little sister, Erik made up a few creations of his own.
 We made sure to break up the monotony of every day things like taking naps...
 ...and taking baths... taking time to have some fun, like this day when we had a BBQ in the back yard.
 Erik started a new life adventure this month, when he started Preschool at the Glenwood Elementary School. Here he is on the first day of school with his teacher, Mrs. Nelson.
 We spent a fair amount of time out in the garden, and really enjoyed reaping the yummy rewards!
 The biggest excitement this month was getting to find out that baby #3 is a GIRL!

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