Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Quick Update...

Life is such a grand adventure! Almost 2 months ago now Ethan got a phone call that has changed our lives. He was offered a new job that is more in line with his dream career path and we couldn't say no. They wanted him to start at the beginning of the upcoming pay period which meant we only had about 2 weeks to pack up and move to our new home. We worked hard and were ready to go just in time. May 24th we moved in to our new home in the Gila mountains of southern New Mexico, where Ethan is working for the NM Game and Fish Glenwood Fish Hatchery.
We love our new home! There are birds singing in the trees all around our house (which has a HUGE fenced yard for Erik to run and play in; a first for our family) and deer grazing on our front lawn almost every morning when we wake up. A pretty mountain stream runs by just a short stroll from our front gate, and down the road a little ways is a pond filled with fish and frogs and surrounded by fruit trees and berry bushes. It's more than an hour's drive from the nearest town of any size (Silver City), so it's fairly remote, but we love it.
We have been slow getting our internet set up, so I haven't been able to blog (I'm actually staying the night at Marquette's house tonight and using her computer, thus you get to hear from me) or facebook or anything or that sort. I can't wait to get things up and running at my new home so I can share pictures with you of all the great things we've been getting to enjoy and the beautiful places we get to see. For now I'll just have to leave you waiting while we go back to our mountain paradise where Erik will be rolling in the dirt and splashing in the creek and living life as every little boy should, while I sit in the hammock in the front yard and watch him frolic.

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  1. Good luck. It all sounds like a good move to a beautiful place....;)