Monday, November 5, 2012


Our Halloween was kinda spread out over a week or two. It started with our Branch Fall Festival. We all made costumes and dressed up for that. 
Erik was the Big Bad Wolf.
Detail on the Wolf's face.

Ethan was the Granny. 

Have you ever seen a sweeter looking Grandma?

Little Red Riding Hood
Erik got more frosted sugar cookies leading up to Halloween than ever before in his life. We made cookies at the play group we went to, and he liked it so much we decided to do it for Family Home Evening. He thought the cookie was pretty good, but he thought the frosting was AWESOME!
We also spent an evening at the MSU Halloween Carnival. Erik started the evening dressed up, but it got too warm so it wasn't too long before he shed his wolf skin and just went around as the cutest boy anyone had seen.

There were tons of games to play and things to do. And Erik could've made a haul on the candy if we could've talked him into grabbing more than one thing from the prize bowls. 

Check out what I've got?

Dropping balls into candy buckets to earn a prize. 

Yeah, there was a whole bucket of chocolate and he chose a Twizzlers. 

Squirting water into a bucket to win a prize. 

Decorating a goodie bag. 

"Look what I did Dad!"

Soda can bowling. Erik loved the bowling ball. In fact, he loved it so much we finally had to just take it away from him and drag him away kicking and screaming. 

Look, they had cookies to frost! 

Purple lipstick? I don't know what you're talking about...

Getting a picture with Bully the bulldog.
For the actual Halloween evening, we decided to go Reverse Trick-or-Treating. This is a tradition my family has done for a while, if you want to know more about it, here's a blog post my sister wrote about it. We made a huge pile of sugar cookies (complete with frosting, Erik wouldn't have had it any other way) and delivered them to some of our friends and neighbors. We ended up hanging out for a little while at the last house on our list, but couldn't stay too long because our little Big Bad Wolf was getting a little crabby. 
It was a pretty fun way to spend the "holiday" (c'mon, it really doesn't count as a holiday, barely anyone even knows what it's REALLY about), and we had a great time. 

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  1. It sounds like all of your activities were so much fun. I'm glad Erik seems to have had such a great holiday. What a nice activity the university put on! Maybe I feel better about you being there. ;o)