Sunday, April 29, 2012

Picnic at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Last night we invited a few friends and had a picnic down at Noxubee. It was super fun. We love to look at the beautiful scenery and all the wildlife. Like this snowy egret...
Oh wait, look at that picture again, do you see anything else of interest there? Let me get a little closer for you...
 How about a little closer.....
 Now I have to admit that for this next picture I didn't walk any closer, I just used the zoom on my camera.
 But that was me, Ethan had other ideas... 
He was planning on walking right up to it and touching its tail, but there was a professional nature photographer who had come all the way out there just to get a picture of a gator and she asked Ethan not to do anything that might scare it away. I'm awefully glad she was there!


  1. Oh my!! That would be pretty scary. With all the bad things I've seen on TV I think I would have been home before I thought about using the zoom...then I would have been upset I didn't have evidence of my nearness!!

    Thank goodness for that photographer. Tell Ethan he's crazy!

    Now the big question is, will you go back for a picnic again?

    1. It was really neat! It was across the road and down stream a little ways from the lake we like to picnic at, so while we could see it from the street, we had to walk a little ways to get up close to it.
      Actually this isn't the first one we've seen there, and I'm sure we'll go back many more times. We really love this place, and it's really fun to see the gators. The last one we saw in the main lake as we were headed to go get in canoes and boat around on the lake. Now that was scary!!