Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012, Part 1

Ethan's Spring Break was last week, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Ethan had to do some of his field work on Monday and Tuesday, and then we both had church responsibilities on Saturday, so that left us with only three days to really do whatever we wanted to do. We started looking around for things to do, and while there were several cools things within an hour or two of our house, we decided that since we had several days that we needed to make the most of them. We spent Tuesday night choosing our destination cities, and researching things to do when we got there. We tried to find cheap, family friendly things to do, but there were a few things we really wanted to see that we decided to splurge on. After figuring out how to cram as much as possible into our short time frame, we went to bed.
Wednesday morning dawned cool and rainy here in Starkville, but that didn't slow us down. We threw everything we needed in a couple of duffel bags, jumped in the car, and we were outta here! Erik wasn't so sure about all the excitement. He kept looking up at me from the back seat as if he needed to know I was still there.
He finally gave up though, and this is how he spent the rest of the trip.
We are loving Spring here in MS. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!! This picture is not great (what can you expect when you're taking pictures out the dirty window of a moving car), but it gives you an idea of the flowers all over the place. There were azaleas in every imaginable color, along with some kind of small tree covered in white blossoms. These were in people's yards, but also just growing wild out in the forests. It was so pretty! 
When we left our house, we got on a small highway headed south, and just maintained that heading for several hours. We passed through lots of forest, and some cute little towns, but no major cities until we reached Mobile, Alabama, which was our first destination. We knew it was a large city, and were expecting to have to fight our way through lots of city traffic, but we were pleasantly surprised. We came out of the forest into a somewhat dirty ghettoish part of town, and thought to ourselves, "Oh great, we're really out on the edge of town, it's going to take us forever to get to where we want to be". The streets were all lined with these really cool trees. It was pretty neat looking.
Then, I looked up and saw this:
There were the skyscrapers in the downtown area (which is where we wanted to be), not too far away. We'd only been in the city for a few minutes, and we were almost right where we wanted to be. There were lots of neat old buildings on every side, and we were really enjoying just taking it all in.
I looked up a minute or two later, and boom, the skyscrapers were even closer, we were going to be there in a matter of minutes.
There were so many cool things to look at. We were really enjoying all the cool old buildings and everything else there was to see.
Next thing we know, we're right in the heart of the city, looking up at the towers around us. We were excited, because looking at our atlas we thought we should be able to see the Mobile Bay any second(we're such desert rats, we've both seen the ocean before but it's still just as exciting), and we were on the lookout for it. I knew we needed to cross a small section of the bay, so I figured that as soon as we got around this big building we'd see a bridge and have the whole bay panorama open in front of us.
We came around the building, and the road went into a really tight curve with high walls on either side so we couldn't see anything but the road directly ahead of us. Just as we were coming out of the curve and I was sure we'd see the bridge over the bay, the road plunged down into...a tunnel! I've never been in a tunnel under a body of water before. It was a little weird to think about what was overhead and to not even be able to see out the other side. It looked like it just kept going down forever!
Did we make it out without being crushed by hundreds of tons of water? What was on the other side? Well, you'll just have to wait for Spring Break 2012, Part 2. I'll tell you this though, what's on the other side of that tunnel became our favorite part of the whole trip.

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